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Altay Dis Tic.Ltd.Sti. has imported apparatuses of carboys and distributed them in Turkey before production of carboys in Turkey which replaced water sales in bulk in 1998. Altay Dis Tic Ltd Sti spent
Basaran Group was founded under the name of Basaran Heating Systems company under the leadership of Zekeriya Basaran in 1993 and continued to develop day by day due to the achievements in the natural gas sector. Establishing Basaran Water Treatment Ltd. Sti. in 2009 the company continues with AQUAMAB and OLIMPIA brands as a group company. Basaran Group is located in Ankara on an area of ​​2.300 m² with central plaza and production facility, central logistics warehouses, training halls, infomobil promotion vehicles, marketing and shipping vehicles, qualified engineer staff, experienced technical team, experienced sales staff and its dealers, signage, exhibition dealer, vendors, construction companies, regional directorates, logistics warehouses and has been one of the leading companies in the sector with the rising trend for years.
We take the privilege of introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of water pumps, motors & pumping systems based in India. We have been in pump business for over 57 Years and have strong distribution and service networks both in Domestic and international Markets. C.R.I’s totally committed customer focus made it as a renowned brand globally. Presently our products are being sold and serviced in more than 120 countries across the world through 13 own subsidiary companies and steadfast channel partners. We produce different types of products comprising over 9000 models to meet the customer requirements in different segments. Our products are designed and manufactured employing superior technology to ensure fail safe performance. C.R.I has wide range of products & solutions for various applications namely Residential, Agriculture, Industries, Building services, General water supply, Dewatering pumps ,Waste water Treatments, Mining, Defence, Marine, Food Processing, and Oil & Gas etc., We have the unique distinction of being one of the few proven pioneers in the world to produce pumps & motors in 100% Stainless Steel construction which gained a unique reputation for its quality & excellence. Our vertical inline and other Industrial range of pumps are supplied with IE-1 & IE-2 motors. We have extensive range of Solar Pumping Systems & Controls for various applications. We attach herewith our company profile which would provide you with first hand information about our company, infrastructure and products. We look forward to your early response. On request we will forward you our comprehensive product publications for your detailed study.
We are at your service with 300.000 kinds of products with the following main product groups. Spare parts for machine tools Industrial Professional Kitchen Mechanical Seal Pump Groups Bearing Groups Valve Groups Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Equipments
Expert technical staff, experienced installation and welding team in the industrial facilities, Steam, Hot Oil, Water Treatment, Air Installations, Fire Installations, Natural Gas and Process Installations, Pump Groups, Chemical Special Facilities Customer Raw Material and Product Transfer Lines, Stainless Storage Tanks, We provide service in boiler room installation, collector production and assembly area.
On the basis of the belief that in order for important advances numerous small steps need to be taken, our firm lent impetus to its operations which started in 1983 with the centrifugal pump with the introduction of the vertical shaft pump in 1986. We started the production of submersible pump in 1995, and sleeve tube in 2004. As of 2008, our firm has strengthened its technical infrastructure and started the production of completely stainless submersible pump. Its operations which started within the boundaries of the Nevsehir Province in a 15 m² space continue in the Nevsehir Special Organized Industrial Zone, in an area of 12,000 m² as of 2008. Our firm takes the Six Sigma philosophy as a guiding principle, which is considered to be the latest stage that Total Quality Control has reached in the world, and continues its endeavors with perfect product, quality, and fast service in mind. It has ramped up its R&D and is producing the pumps of today and the future. Having foresight, producing practical solutions, valuing humans and the environment, our firm emphasizes security and assurance; it provides services with products with ISO 9001:2008, OHAS 18001:2007, TSE, SERVICE COMPETENCE, BRAND REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE.
Our company started its commercial life in 2007 and still continues actively. We are a beneficial company to society by keeping up with today's technology and developing. Submersible, pump, pressure tank, expansion tank, horizontal shaft pump and circulation pump varieties in the Industrial machinery, Agriculture and Construction sectors to respond to the demands of our valued customers continue to work intensively.