Altay Dış Tic.Ltd.Şti. has imported apparatuses of carboys and distributed them in Turkey before production of carboys in Turkey which replaced water sales in bulk in 1998. Altay Dis Tic Ltd Sti spent great efforts to produce world standard domestic products since 1999 and became pioneer in delivery of domestic products with highest standards to market by evaluating relevant data and market demands. Altay International Water and Water Mak.Dağ Dış Tic.Ltd.Şti. was established in February of 1998 as an affiliate of Altay Kitap Dağıtımı ve Pazarlama that was founded in 1967. Altay Kitap Dağıtım was awarded as “Distributor of the year“ in 1994. Years of experience, honesty, and high quality service and sales support have always been the basic working principles of Altay Dış Tic.Ltd.Şti. Altay brand has pioneered in introducing the manual water pumps to the Turkish market. However, due to increasing competition among the other water pump manufacturers, using low quality and scrap plastic material to reduce the cost within the last 5-6 years, our company decided to focus on international markets in order to maintain the high quality in our products. Our company exports 70% of its products abroad to various countries including Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Uzbekistan United Kingdom, Germany, Cameroon and Moldova. We work with companies pioneering in packaged water sector in Turkey, such as Erikli, Nestle, Alaçam, Aroma and Gümüş providing their own brand and their required format. Our company is based in İzmir, Turkey and can distribute the orders anywhere in Turkey.

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